Finance professionals look to combat skills shortages

  • 61% of CFOs say that they have struggled to source candidates from traditional talent pools.
  • 52% of senior finance managers would be prepared to consider candidates from another industry to fill a job. 
  • However just 27% would be prepared to take on staff with a background in another profession.

Research from Robert Walters has found that 61% of CFOs have struggled to recruit candidates from traditional talent pools.

To combat these skills shortages, more than half of senior finance managers are prepared to consider candidates from another industry when recruiting into their finance teams.

Martin Fox, Managing Director at Robert Walters, comments:

“As demand for top talent in finance continues to outstrip supply, employers are increasingly willing to relax their hiring criteria and consider candidates outside their industry.”

“Professionals with transferable skills are often able not only to meet the requirements of a role, but can bring new perspectives and ideas to the company as well.”


However, despite the acknowledged skills shortage, the survey also found that senior finance managers are still somewhat reluctant to recruit professionals from other disciplines. Just 27% said that they would consider a candidate from a different professional background.

Martin Fox continues:

“While there are certain roles which will require candidates to have a specific finance qualification, hiring managers should consider whether professionals from a different background can fill more junior, commercially driven roles.  

“Candidates with experience in fields such as law and IT can be highly valuable in finance roles, bringing commercial awareness and offering key strategic insights, while still having a strong grounding in the technical skills essential for a finance role.

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