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2023 Salary Survey market update

We asked Martin Fox, Managing Director - Canada to share his strategies to recruit and retain top talent in 2023 as well as hiring trends he expects to see throughout the coming year.

Five ways to attract top talent

From providing volunteering opportunities to offering tailored development training packages, there are plenty of non-financial ways to attract the best candidates.

How to avoid talent shortages

With 72% of employers saying they have recently been affected by talent shortages, what can you do to keep your best people from leaving?

Your complete guide to rewards and recognition

With close to a third of working professionals actively seeking a new role this year, and 75% stating that they are feeling more confident in the job market, we share why this time of year is crucial to check-in with your employees.

How to remove unconscious bias from your hiring process

Many companies wants to foster an inclusive culture, but could unconscious bias be getting in the way? We take a look at the tech and tools that can help remove bias from your recruitment process.

Guide to hybrid working

What are the risks and opportunities in adopting a hybrid working model? Read our latest research for practical insights and solutions for employers and hiring managers.