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For us, recruitment is more than just a job. We understand that behind every opportunity is the chance to make a difference in people's lives.

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HR Recruitment Agency

Elevating HR recruitment: we see the person who brings out the best in others

Crafting HR strategies, enhancing workforce skills, advocating for diversity, and developing well-being initiatives are just a few of the lengths to which Canada’s top-tier HR professionals go to empower their colleagues to excel.

As a distinguished HR recruitment agency in Canada, we see this dedication every day, through our daily interactions with HR professionals and hiring managers nationwide. Our team, comprised of former HR experts, brings a unique perspective. We understand where you’re coming from, where you want to be, and – most importantly – how to get you there.

Our expertise in HR hiring positions us as one of the top HR recruitment companies, equipped to connect you with the opportunities that will propel you forward in your career.

Meet your expert HR recruiter | Toronto

Martin  Fox

Martin Fox

Human Resources, Toronto

Martin has been with RW for 17 years and set up the Toronto office in 2016. As Country Manager he is focused on delivering a top tier experience for colleagues, clients & candidates.

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When Megan reached out on LinkedIn, little did I know that her message would mark a turning point in my career...


We approached RW in search of a Private Funds Controller, marking the beginning of a successful partnership that has seen +20 of our roles filled...


From the beginning, RW demonstrated their commitment to finding suitable candidates for our role...

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What the fourth industrial revolution means for talent acquisition and HR

Predicting the impact of innovation on jobs is more of an art than a science – and art at which futurologists have proven far from adept. We have seen that automation can increase rather than decrease the demand for a service. The first ATM launched in 1967, and yet the number of bank tellers increa

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  • How does Robert Walters source candidates for HR positions?

    At Robert Walters, we utilise a highly targeted approach to sourcing candidates, powered by insights from our market intelligence team and our extensive database of registered HR professionals. 

    Our strategy includes database searches, job board advertising, candidate referrals, and networking events. As a leading HR recruitment agency, we have a wealth of experience and a broad network that spans across Canada and beyond.

  • How do you ensure diversity and inclusion in the candidates you present?

    As a global recruitment business, Robert Walters understand the power and responsibility we have to create a fair and inclusive workplace for all. We employ industry-leading D&I processes and technology to ensure our clients are presented with a diverse selection of candidates assessed only by key competencies, aptitudes, deliverables and skill sets.

    From mitigating bias in job adverts with pioneering technology to partnerships with D&I organizations, including HireDiverse, our commitment to diverse hiring feeds into every stage of the recruitment process. 

    Read more about our commitment to diverse hiring.

  • What are the advantages of partnering with a HR staffing agency?

    Our agency is uniquely equipped to assist with HR recruitment due to our team of specialist consultants, many of whom come from an HR background. 

    We see beyond the job description to find candidates who are the right fit for your team and culture. Moreover, we can support with a range of requirements, including permanent recruitment, executive search, volume recruitment and more. Find out more here.

  • What are the main challenges HR recruitment agencies face?

    HR recruitment companies often encounter the challenge of aligning a candidate’s individual capabilities with the company’s culture and strategic goals. At Robert Walters, we excel in this area by understanding the unique narrative of your organization. 

    We’re not just a HR recruitment agency; we’re partners who invest in your story and connect you with HR professionals who will catalyze your business’s growth. Our commitment is to navigate the complexities of recruitment and deliver candidates who will be the driving force behind your success.