Toronto Global highlights Robert Walters

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Toronto Global has highlighted Robert Walters Canada in a recent case study.

Toronto Global seek international companies interested in expanding to the Toronto Region and help connect investors with the right opportunities that will facilitate the successful growth of their business.

Robert Walters was introduced to Toronto Global by the British Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Trade, and worked with them to establish business operations in the Toronto Region, including incorporation, payroll, human resources and legal considerations.

Robert Walters has since been featured in the latest Toronto Global publication.

The full case study can be downloaded here.

As a major financial services centre for North America and boasting a high number of educated professionals, the Toronto region offers a huge opportunity for Robert Walters. 

With demand for skilled professionals from overseas in Toronto, Robert Walters is ideally positioned to help businesses connect with the talent they need through our international network of consultants. 

Robert Walters is currently focused on recruiting qualified accounting professionals into permanent positions in the Toronto Region financial services sector, with plans to expand into offering opportunities for finance professionals in other sectors as well as sourcing professionals for legal, risk and compliance roles. 

“Toronto Global was very engaging from the start and able to provide valuable connections to help our company network in the Toronto Region market," commented Martin Fox, Managing Director, Robert Walters Canada. 

"Office space and lease costs are much more competitive here than other locations where we have opened in the last five years, such as San Francisco and Dubai. There are few barriers to entry in the Toronto regional market from a licensing and regulatory perspective and the current government intra-company transfer scheme makes relocating staff seamless and timely compared to many other global financial centres.”

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