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Finding your ideal job

If you are considering leaving your current job, it’s vital to consider all of your options when researching a new role.

While online job boards are a source of many roles, there are also a large number of jobs which are not advertised on these forums. In these cases, networking and more detailed research will be vital to find out about these opportunities. You can howver find all of our current roles on our website.

"Sometimes the best roles aren't advertised, and a more proactive approach is needed to make sure you can secure your dream job in the industry or business you want to work for," said Martin Fox, Managing Director at Robert Walters. 


If you do not have any contacts in the industry or company you are interested in, make it a point to develop some.

Professional networking events run by trade and industry bodies and private companies are always available to attend and they can help you create vital connections when looking for a new role.

“Many professionals make effective use of online networking sites such as LinkedIn, and these are undoubtedly a valuable tool," said Fox. 

"However, it’s important not to underestimate the importance of making face-to-face contact with new people when expanding your professional network." 

Choosing a consultancy to register with

Recruitment consultancies can offer an invaluable to supplement your own networking efforts, providing you with immediate access to their own group of professional contacts and the opportunities that come with it.

Choosing the consultancy which will offer you the best support and advice is important, particularly given that signing up with several may lead to your resume being sent to the same employer multiple times.

It’s important not to underestimate the importance of making face to face contact with new people when expanding your professional network.

“Top consultancies will work with you to determine your career goals, provide coaching on optimizing your resume and interview technique and actively marketing your resume to their clients who best suit your needs,” commented Fox.

“It is also important to consider whether the agency’s staff work on a commission basis. If so, consultants may be inclined to ‘hoard’ resumes of promising candidates and not share them with their colleagues, potentially leading you to miss out on opportunities.”

Trade press

Regardless of the sector you work in, remaining aware of the issues and opportunities impacting your industry is vital. Staying up to date with the trade publications for the industry or field in which you are keen to find a role will ensure that you are as well informed as possible on potential opportunities.

“Trade magazines and online publications can also be a valuable source of job opportunities,” added Fox.

“In some cases, specialized roles which are not promoted on general job boards can be found on dedicated job boards for a particular industry.”

You can access additional career advice on our insights page.

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