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Navigating the AI Talent Landscape: 7 Trends Shaping Recruitment in Canada

The world is witnessing the dawn of a new era with the rapid integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into various sectors. While the global landscape is evolving, Canada finds itself at a critical juncture, grappling with the challenges and opportunities presented by AI adoption.

In this article, we'll explore the 7 trends shaping the AI talent landscape in Canada:

1.      The Next Revolution in Canada

As AI continues to revolutionize industries worldwide, Canadian companies are at the forefront of a crucial decision-making process. The adoption of AI technologies is not only a technological leap but a strategic move that can define a businesses competitiveness. The impact on operations, efficiency, and productivity is substantial, making it imperative for companies to consider integrating AI into their operations.

2.      The USA vs. Canada

Research shows a notable disparity in AI adoption between U.S. (72%) and Canadian businesses (35%). This gap is attributed to challenges such as talent shortages, data quality, and insufficient AI frameworks.

As a result, we’re seeing significant growth in areas like data governance and transformation. Businesses are prioritizing a strong data foundation before exploring generative AI principles. This has increased hiring in this field. However, limited movement in senior Generative AI roles has led to a static talent market, sparking interest in US opportunities.

3.      The Brain Drain Phenomenon

One glaring issue contributing to Canada's slower AI adoption is the brain drain, where talented individuals in the field are drawn to opportunities in the United States. The allure of American tech giants and a more mature AI ecosystem create a challenging environment for Canadian companies to retain and attract top AI talent. Bridging this gap is crucial for Canada to compete on the global stage.

In addition to financial interest in the US market, Canadian firms struggle to match US salaries. Despite remote work options from US firms, the focus is on long-term growth and promotions. Canada’s slower growth and immature Generative AI infrastructure limit its expansion compared to the US.

4.      Challenges in Cloud and Data Infrastructure

A critical aspect hindering the adoption of Generative AI, such as the popular ChatGPT platform, is the state of cloud and data infrastructure in Canadian organizations. Many companies have concerns about data sets being too small or too large, missing data, and incorrect formatting. Without addressing these infrastructure challenges, companies risk hindering the potential of Generative AI in their operations.

There’s an increased demand for talent in this field, backed by strong operations and stakeholder engagement. Senior roles are becoming more business-focused, with less technical emphasis. Professionals who can connect technical infrastructure building with sustainable, cost-effective strategy development are in high demand. However, there’s a shortage of tech talent skilled in both strategic planning and technical execution.

5.      Challenges with Privacy and Cybersecurity

As we embrace generative AI, industries facing strict regulations must prioritize cybersecurity and privacy. While the technology enhances data security with advanced threat detection and encryption, challenges arise in verifying authenticity and maintaining data integrity due to AI-generated content sophistication. In regulated sectors like finance, healthcare, and legal services, the demand for innovation clashes with compliance needs.

Striking a balance between operational efficiency and regulatory adherence poses a challenge, emphasizing the criticality of ethical AI use. Notably, there's a growing demand for skills to combat these challenges, ensuring that generative AI aligns with regulations and upholds trust in decision-making processes within highly regulated industries.

6.      In-Demand Skills

AI talent is in high demand in Canada, with a focus on AI development, machine learning, and data analytics. A recent survey underscores the scarcity of in-house expertise, indicating that 47% of Canadian businesses lack the skills to verify the accuracy of their AI algorithms. This shortage highlights the urgent need for upskilling and recruitment initiatives in the AI space.

Furthermore, there is a notable skills gap observed at the director, VP, and middle management levels, whereas roles at the C-suite level have experienced relative stagnation. On a positive note, Canadian candidates are demonstrating strong competitiveness on the academic front, seamlessly competing with the international market, particularly the USA.

7.      Industry 4.0 and 5.0

In the evolving AI landscape, the transition from Industry 4.0 to the forthcoming Industry 5.0 is altering AI talent needs. Canadian recruiters are adapting to these trends, seeking candidates with a broad skill set encompassing both current and emerging technologies like robotics, IoT, data analytics, and AI.

This shift represents a comprehensive integration of AI with other advanced technologies, emphasizing a broad approach to innovation. Professionals skilled in AI, robotics, IoT, and data analytics, and those who can navigate the transition to Industry 5.0, are highly valued.

AI talent assessment now extends beyond technical skills, focusing on adaptability in the rapidly changing tech environment. Success in AI demands not only technical proficiency but also a commitment to continuous learning and adaptation, highlighting the importance of a diverse skill set and flexibility in the ever-evolving AI field. 


Navigating the AI talent landscape in Canada requires a concerted effort from both businesses and the talent pool. As organizations grapple with adoption challenges, investing in skilled talent, robust infrastructure, and staying abreast of the latest trends are critical components for success. Canada stands at the cusp of an AI revolution, and how companies navigate this transformative journey will shape their competitiveness in the global AI landscape.


Zahraa Mahommend

Senior Consultant, Robert Walters Toronto


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