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Partner with a recruitment consultancy

As demand for highly skilled finance professionals increases, businesses are having to work harder to secure top talent.

Finding the ideal candidates amid fierce competition can be challenging. Tapping into new sources of talent and ensuring you can deliver on the expectations of candidates is essential to secure top talent.

Partnering with a recruitment consultancy can help you gain access to new networks of professionals, provide insights on what motivates professionals to apply for a role, and take pressure off staff by providing early screening and a refined shortlist of candidates.

Selecting the right consultancy for your needs is essential

“Businesses should be discerning about the recruitment firm they choose to partner with,” commented Martin Fox, Managing Director at Robert Walters.

“Always be sure to meet and screen potential recruiters. Hold them accountable for the vital role they play in helping to bring talent into your organisation and set realistic targets for your time to hire.”

By treating your recruitment consultancy as a business partner and an extension of your brand you can help them to be as effective as possible. By providing them with a high level of detail on your company culture as well as the specific needs of a role they can provide you with the most appropriate shortlist of candidates.

“In many cases we have been able to connect businesses with candidates who they would not have otherwise considered. Professionals who may not be a perfect fit in terms of background may nevertheless be highly adaptable and have in many cases exceeded our clients’ expectations when placed in a role.”

Build strong relationships

By building a long term relationship with a recruiter, businesses can also take advantage of the services consultancies can provide beyond sourcing candidates.

“Robert Walters is committed to maintaining its status as a thought leader in the recruitment industry, providing key market intelligence to our clients on salary and bonus levels, skills shortages, and trends among employers and professionals,” added Fox.

By treating your recruitment consultancy as a business partner and an extension of your brand you can help them to be as effective as possible.


“Often we have found that when working with businesses it is crucial to identify the key traits they are looking for in candidates beyond qualifications and experience,” explained Fox.

“By doing so we believe we can help equip our clients to develop and shape their recruitment policies to ensure that they can secure the talent they need to grow and develop as a business.”

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