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Fussy or Flexi: 87% of professionals would like to trial ‘chronoworking’

  • 50% of professionals do not feel their organizations flexi model caters to their specific needs.
  • 30% feel their employer has a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to flexible working.
  • 48% believe chronoworking would improve their mental health.
  • 49% of professionals want to start and finish their work day earlier.


87% of professionals have stated that they would like to trial ‘chronoworking’ – the process where companies allow you to choose work hours according to your natural sleeping pattern.

The results come from leading recruiter Robert Walters - who surveyed +1,700 Canadian working professionals-  discovering that half of employees believe their organizations' flexible work policies don't adequately cater to their specific needs.

According to the findings, 30% of professionals feel that their employer has adopted a 'one-size-fits-all approach ’to flexible working- such as requiring employees to spend two days in the office or implementing 'early finish Fridays'.

A quarter of flexible working policies have come about organically, as a result of Covid-induced working practices. Over a third (36%) of employees have stated that their organization has no obvious approach or strategy toward  flexi-working.

Martin Fox, Director of Robert Walters comments: “Nearly four years on from lockdown and the onset of remote and hybrid working, and it is surprising to hear that companies and their employees have not found a ‘flow’ with flexible working.

“The workforce continues to crave innovative approaches to flexibility; however, it’s concerning that half of employees feel their current organizations flexible policies are missing the mark. This indicates a clear need for companies to rethink their strategies. Without tailored solutions, they risk alienating valuable talent and falling behind in today's dynamic workplace landscape."

Benefits of Chronoworking

Almost half (48%) of professionals feel that their mental health would improve if they worked according to their natural sleeping pattern – aiding all-round better work-life balance. 33% feel that they would be more focused and productive in the workplace.

Martin comments: “Chronoworking may feel like a somewhat radical reform to hours, but at a closer glance we may find that professionals chosen hours would not be that far out from the traditional 9-5. Simply putting more power into the hands of professionals could be enough to help boost morale, sleep, and productivity.

“What this trend does highlight is the desire for employees to shape their work-life around their personal needs, rather than be dictated too.”

"As with any new approach, 'chronoworking' may not suit every person or organization. However, its popularity highlights the need to explore new strategies to enhance retention and productivity. Employers must learn to adapt to remain competitive and attract the best talent."

When asked what working-pattern professionals would choose if their company adopted chronoworking, early start / early finish (49%) came out on top, followed by alternating between different start and finish times (33%).

Interestingly, just 9% of professionals said that they would start and finish late or stick to the traditional 9-5.

Is Chronoworking the New Flexi-Hours?

Although there's interest in experimenting with a chronoworking model, a full remote work schedule (41%) emerged as the top choice for flexible working practices that people would like their company to pilot. This preference was closely followed by the option to work from anywhere in the world (28%) and a 4-day work week (20%). Only 11% expressed a preference for chronoworking above all other flexi work models.

According to recruitment firm Robert Walters, lessons can be taken from the 4-Day Week pilot when considering the implications around changing working practices. The Considerations for the implementation of a 4-day work week can be downloaded here.


About Robert Walters

With more than 4,300 people in 31 countries, Robert Walters Group deliver recruitment consultancy, staffing, recruitment process outsourcing and managed services across the globe. From traditional recruitment and staffing to end-to-end talent management, our consultants are experts at matching highly skilled people to permanent, contract and interim roles across all professional disciplines, including; Accounting & Finance, Banking & Financial Services, Engineering, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal, Sales & Marketing, Secretarial & Support, Supply Chain & Procurement. www.robertwaltersgroup.com

For media enquiries contact:                        

Georgia Peglar

Senior Marketing Executive, Robert Walters Canada

E: georgia.peglar@robertwalters.com

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