Canada's leading employers trust us to deliver fast, efficient hiring solutions that are tailored to their exact requirements. Browse our range of bespoke services and resources.

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Our industry specialists will listen to your aspirations and share your story with Canadas’s most prestigious organisations. Together, let’s write the next chapter of your career.

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Canada's leading employers trust us to deliver fast, efficient hiring solutions that are tailored to their exact requirements. Browse our range of bespoke services and resources.

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For us, recruitment is more than just a job. We understand that behind every opportunity is the chance to make a difference in people's lives.

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Full Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Maximizing your potential across the entire hiring lifecycle.

What is Full RPO?

Full RPO is a comprehensive solution that outsources your entire hiring process from sourcing to selection, assessment, offer management and onboarding.​ We remove the hassles of hiring and ensure you have the talent required to meet your organization's strategic goals. We manage timescales, budgets and application volumes, whilst ensuring compliance and providing accurate and informative data.  

Our solutions are based around understanding your challenges, anticipating your needs and putting together a team to match. Full RPO services can be delivered through a mixture of onsite, nearshore or offshore delivery teams to meet your specific hiring needs.

Our track record

  • 43,000

    Professionals we help start their next chapter

  • 11,000

    Organizations who we help acquire talent

  • 28

    Years of delivering outsourcing solutions to clients worldwide

  • 60

    Countries where we deliver outsourcing services

How it works

Our Full RPO services give you the hiring support and talent acquisition expertise you need through a team of recruitment specialists that integrates seamlessly with your wider organization. We can deliver our solutions at a country, regional, or global level, through a combination of both onsite and remote support, to suit your organizational requirements and ways of working. We will:

  • Manage all key hiring processes from sourcing, selection, and assessment to onboarding.   
  • Manage costs, budgets, and volumes of applications.   
  • Manage vendors by providing oversight and coordination of any external vendors or suppliers involved in your recruitment process.  
  • Guarantee compliance with our extensive knowledge of employment laws and regulations.   
  • Attract, select and convert the right talent, at the volume you need.   
  • Partner and collaborate with you, keeping your long-term organizational goals in focus.

Key benefits

  • Access the right talent, at the right time 
  • Reduce cost per hire and agency spend 
  • Reduce time-to-hire 
  • Improve candidate experience 
  • Meet compliance and regulatory requirements 
  • Access real-time data and reporting 
  • Agnostic technology consulting 

An award-winning service

Case Study

Regional growth leveraging Full RPO 


Our client, a global leader in healthcare and life sciences, employs over 63,000 people across 65 countries. As a vibrant science and technology company, they believe in science as a force for good, and sought to fill and pipeline important technical roles in South Korea to power their key production and distribution objectives.

Several years on, learn more about how our bespoke Full RPO solution has solved their problems, and helped them develop a fully-fledged, long-term regional talent acquisition strategy.

What makes our RPO solutions different?

Powered by data

We make data-driven decisions to optimize your hiring processes and deliver the talent you need effectively and efficiently. The key to operational excellence is accurate data, but many businesses struggle to produce consistent metrics and up-to-date market insight. That’s where RWInsights comes in. RWInsights is our cloud-based platform powered by 100+ data sources and a global team of data scientists, who are experts in talent analytics and the economic and demographic factors that influence talent. It gives you access to an always-on, personalised talent analytics platform, allowing you to build a truly data-led sourcing strategy.

Enabled by tech

RWConnect is the technology platform that underpins every aspect of our RPO solutions. It enables us to offer true scalability, deliver enhanced user experiences and uncover exceptional untapped talent pools, mapped to skills, with the use of embedded AI. So it sets our recruiters free to focus on the human side of recruitment and building connections. You can use our best-in-class tech as a complete RPO platform, or it can seamlessly integrate with your tech stack. We work with you to implement the solution that works best for your organization. We are constantly innovating and improving our tech to meet your future hiring needs, so you can stay ahead of the market without constantly upgrading your own systems.

Delivered by experts

Our business is built on providing the expertise to solve your toughest resourcing and talent management challenges. We have talent solutions specialists at every stage of the hiring lifecycle. Our teams will get to know you, champion your organization’s story, and connect you to professionals who can transform your business. We have strong in-built capability for skills-first, diversity and environmental, social and governance (ESG) hiring needs. Our powerful combination of talent marketers and sourcing partners can help you explore and develop more diverse talent pools. Our experts in selection ensure a fair and meritocratic process every time. Whatever your challenges, we provide practical solutions and operational excellence at scale and speed, flexing the size and make-up of our team to match your requirements.

Meet our expert RPO team

Marrena  Anderson

Marrena Anderson

Vice President of Solutions, North America

Marrena, a leader known for driving organizational value, customizes RPO solutions to meet clients' goals, optimize processes, and boost efficiency.

Kristin  Thomas

Kristin Thomas

President, North America

Kristin is accountable for driving new business development, empowering talent, developing trusted and diverse client partnerships, and providing best-in-class delivery.

Kristen  Buckheit

Kristen Buckheit

Managing Director, EMEA

Kristen creates and implements strategic initiatives for our business and clients, empowering our internal teams to provide industry-leading client experience.

Hazel  Lancashire

Hazel Lancashire

Managing Director, APAC

Hazel is responsible for the strategic direction of our APAC Outsourcing business, with absolute focus on exemplary service delivery to our partners and streamlining business operations.


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